Maintenance & Support

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As much as we enjoy construction of new habitats they also require maintaining. 

With our wide range of plant available we can offer our clients a complete maintenace package, whether that is clearing overgrown waterways, removing obsolete structures, clearing established reedbeds or SUDS to reinvigorate them, or even replace liners or growing medium. 

Many aquatic habitats are finally balanced and can easily ‘tip over’ into a degraded state, this is often the case where foreign invasive species are present, such as signal crayfish, zebra or quagga mussels and plants such as Himalayan balsam. Aquatic Engineering have a long history of controlling invasive species, and more recently removing dead invasive bivalve shells for utility companies.

It is more cost effective to undertake river channel and tree clearance at the same time, by working from the water we often overcome many of the H&S issues associated with working in public spaces. 

With amphibious plant ‘armed’ with tree shears a great deal of work can be achieved in a remarkably short time. Many of the risks associated with using general contractors can be overcome by employing a specialist ‘on water’ team. Most of them are ex-commercial divers and are as happy in the water wearing appropriate protective dry suits as they are on land.

Our smaller machines such as weed cutters, or our safety boats and pontoon systems cover many tasks whilst we are on site to add value for our clients.

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