Case Study

Clopton Bridge – Stratford-upon-Avon

Aquatic Engineering

Built in circa 1484, Clopton Bridge which spans the River Avon is a grade I listed masonry arch bridge with 14 pointed arches, located in Stratford-upon-Avon,

Being a grade 1 stone bridge, work around and under it must be undertaken with precision and care. Our machinery needs to be large enough to operate in often strong flows, but also manoeuvrable enough to dredge beneath the low arches
Due to the hydrodynamics of the R Avon at this point in its sojourn, the adjacent marina becomes a bit of a silt trap and requires regular dredging. The simple act of forward motion on our amphibious Takeuchi 360 stirs up the shallow benthic silts
Although 14 tonnes, and measuring 4m x 3m, the 7m reach amphibious Takeuchi is highly manoeuvrable and can thus reach beneath the historic arches to desilt them.
The amphibious excavator clears the arches and passes the silt to a long reach which loads it for disposal