Our Equipment

Aquatic Engineering, along with other companies in The Aquatic Group, has been at the forefront of designing and constructing aquatic habitats throughout the UK for several decades.

Our strong collaboration with leading civil engineers, utilities, agencies, and wildlife groups has allowed us to build an impressive portfolio of major environmental projects and gain valuable experience.

Our modern plant inventory includes a wide range of fully amphibious 360 machines, long-reach and ultra-low ground pressure excavators, and both wheeled and tracked dumpers. See below.

Amphibious 360 Excavators

We operate two amphibious 360 excavators for difficult to access sites. They are both well suited not only to fully aquatic projects, but also for sensitive SSSI wetlands where their low ground pressure footprint causes minimum disturbance. 

18 tonne amphibious excavator

Our larger machine is a powerful tool but requires good access. When on-site it has a full armoury of specialist attachments which allows all ‘on water’ tasks to be undertaken both safely & with relative ease.

14 tonne amphibious excavator

Our narrower machine is still a formidable piece of floating kit. Ideal for getting into confined sites, and easier to transport, especially on urban projects. Creating additional versatility in our portfolio.

Long Reach 360

We operate several longreach machines to ensure easy access from bankside locations.


High capacity wheeled Hydrema’ and a selection of different sized, go anywhere & versatile, high-sided, tracked dumpers.


Tractors of every size, mowing, baling, cultivation, seeding machinery, and high capacity chippers, plus a lot more.

CAT Skid Steer

Our CAT Skid Steer with its multiple attachments is a very versatile machine and saves on transport costs.

Supporting Machinery

Besides our major plant and machinery, we have a wide range of ‘on water’ support plant, as well as terrestrial based equipment, pontoons for creating a stable working platform, Pontoon and Hiab, weed cutters, work boats, Unimog, lorries and trailers. The majority of the plant shown is owned by the company and not hired in, or operated by subcontractors. We do have several trusted partners who work under the Aquatic Engineering banner.