Design to Creation

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With our wide range of owner operated plant, Aquatic Engineering has become widely experienced in all areas of lake, pond & wetland design, construction throughout the UK for several decades. 

The company has also been involved in the designing and creating many hundreds of the country’s reedbed and constructed wetlands. These have been for a wide range of applications both environmental (habitat) and environmental (remediation). Our wealth of experience in this field, particularly in plant selection, filter-bed design & construction as well as subsequent aftercare management puts them at the forefront of this rapidly emerging industry.

Reedbeds are a proven as well as cost effective technology for the remediation of contaminants such as heavy metals and wastewater effluent. 

Reeds release oxygen through their roots deep into the reedbed which assists microbial action and compound breakdown mainly through the processes of phytoremediation and biosequestration. Following treatment water is often clean enough to be discharged to a watercourse.

Benefits of remedial reedbeds include but are not isolated to:

  • Low capital and operational costs
  • Very low maintenance
  • An environmentally sustainable process, no chemicals
  • Frequently a strong bias towards minimal carbon impact
  • No operational noise
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Often more biodiverse than natural reedbeds.

With our brood-based experience we are ideal partners to offer you a ‘one stop’ design and build service.