In recent years Aquatic Engineering has become the innovative driving force in cost effective aquatic silt curtain design and technology especially in the UK, but also throughout much of the world.  Every silt curtain is designed and manufactured to fulfil set criteria determined by our clients, their projects and onsite dynamics rather than us simply trying to clear old stock. We do not sell off the shelf systems, because two silt curtains are rarely the same, just as two sites or applications are also rarely the same.

Because every silt curtain is a different grade or for a specific application they are all built individually and from a wide variety of materials.  Here at Aquatic Engineering we can High Frequency (HF) weld; wedge weld; heat weld; vulcanise; stitch; bolt and rivet our silt curtains to provide the strongest possible product at the best possible price. We fabricate from PVC; neoprene and polypropylene in its many forms.  If your site requires a heavy duty, long lasting, abrasion resistant silt curtain, we can fabricate it for you. We will fabricate from what is most suitable for your site rather than from that which creates the biggest profit for us!


Caroline Devereux

'At Aquatic Engineering we always put our clients first, we like to think that is why we have so much repeat business'

The AE team are currently annually producing tens on kilometres of aquatic silt curtains, baffles and booms for a wide range of unique and bespoke applications, being deployed within the UK and around the world.  Working in such wildly diverse locations gives us a valuable insight into how to move forward with product development.  By offering a bespoke silt curtain design, fabrication and installation service we gain onsite understanding of how an installation performs in a real life aquatic setting – with tides, currents, wind and wave action acting upon them. This valuable experience dictates how we then produce the next curtain for similar circumstances.

There are few companies with the experience of designing, fabricating and installing full depth silt curtains to 1.2km long (3 times!) or to 30m deep.  At Aquatic Engineering we have that experience, whether throughout the UK or the Aegean Sea, The Caspian Sea or the Baltic in Birmingham or Brazil in Rochester or Rotterdam in London or Lithuania and Turkey to Turkmenistan.  We know what is possible because we have pushed the boundaries and designed accordingly. Whether a silt curtain is deployed to keep out, or contain: fish, bacteria, silt, algae, plants, pollution or detritus we here at AE have designed and fabricated a suitable silt curtain system for our valued clients.

At Aquatic Engineering we always put our clients first, we like to think that is why we have so much repeat business. If your silt curtain is urgent we offer a 24/7 service and for most silt curtain sizes, we can have them on site for deployment in the UK within 24 hours of an order confirmation.  However, for larger installations we would always prefer to visit your site to fully understand its dynamics so as to design the best possible solution.  There is generally no charge for these services.

If you have any questions or would like to talk through your civil engineering projects please get in touch.




Caroline Devereux, Managing Director at Aquatic Engineering

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