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We try to keep you updated on all of the goings on here at Aquatic Engineering along with the industry. Be it Silt Curtains or the work we are currently doing. An important note, we do not sell or divulge any data.

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Lake Restoration – Aquatic Ecosystems in Brazil

Yes, it’s me again – Glyn Onione, Senior Technical Consultant of Aquatic Engineering in the UK
Rescuing a Eutrophic Brazilian Gem – Lake Restoration –

If you are a fan of Social Media, be it Facebook or Twitter, you will know of my recent trip to Brazil.  No, it was not a jolly, even though it was very […]

Who Are Aquatic Engineering?

In recent years Aquatic Engineering has become the innovative driving force in cost effective aquatic silt curtain design and technology especially in the UK, but also throughout much of the world.  Every silt curtain is designed and manufactured to fulfil set criteria determined by our clients, their projects and onsite dynamics rather than us simply […]

What Are Silt Curtains Made Of?

Glyn’s Q&As
Hi, Glyn Onione the Senior Technical Consultant for Aquatic Engineering in the UK here again to answer another great question we are often asked.  Which is – What Are Silt Curtains Made Of?
I’m often asked here at Aquatic Engineering as the Senior Technical Consultant: what are silt curtains made of and how are they […]