Silt & Algae Deflectors

AquaticEngineering has partnered with a number of utility companies recently to successfully develop bespoke, robust, semi-permanent barriers and deflectors to prevent algae, silt and floating macrophytes entering and potentially closing down off-take pumping stations on water storage reservoirs. Results have been very promising and it is predicted that with the acquired experience this extremely cost effective methodology will have wide and varied application.

Environmental Protection & Biological Barriers

Silt curtain technology is increasingly being utilised for significant environmental protection projects in the UK, Europe and the Near East. AquaticEngineering has undertaken many installations in recent years with curtains of over 1.2km in length and up to 30metres deep. Installations have been undertaken in The Caspian Sea, The Aegean Sea, many UK Estuaries, Salt Marshes, Lochs and Lakes to protect a wide range of flora and fauna or entire habitats.

AquaticEngineering successfully used flexible biological barrier technology to prevent E. coli  contamination of the 2012 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Triathlon site, thus significantly contributing to the success of the event… see PDF below.

Product & Technical Information

> Saltmarsh Protection Silt Barriers
> Falmouth Eel Grass & SSSI Protective Curtains
> Aegean Sea Grass Protective Curtain
Floating Biological Barriers 2014 Commonwealth Games 

Other Curtains

Oil & Chemical Booms

Integral absorbent Booms in full depth curtains or shallow surface Booms – we make them all

Silt & Algae Deflectors, Environmental Protection & Biological Barriers

Surface or full depth deflectors for algae & silt. Environmental & biological barriers – we design, build and install.

Biomanipulation & Fish Curtains

Curtains to effectively partition off large waters to improve biodiversity and water quality, we design, build and install.