Proud milestone for us with 20th installation at London Docklands

sml Heron Quay Silt Curtain - Canary Wharf

Construction work in London Docklands has continued apace since its eye catching edifices first hit the capital’s skyline in the late 1980s, but their scale and grandeur belie some of the challenges of building on a series of extremely small, water logged sites linked by canal! We have been working with Canary Wharf Group PLC, Laing O Rourke and Commercial Marine Piling over the last five years to provide silt barriers during construction and maintenance work around the different wharfs, and are now up to 20 curtains for this iconic and challenging site.

Our latest Docklands silt curtain installation is at Wood Wharf, where we have worked alongside the dredging team to install a silt barrier in the dock prior to piling work.

Whist the five years has flown past and kept us busy, we are proud to have been involved over such a long period of time at Docklands.   Throughout the process our team has gained unprecedented experience in specifying and installing Aquatic Engineering silt curtains for large-scale, city based construction sites. We have built up considerable knowledge of the particular challenges that Docklands presents; in both specifying the correct curtain for the job, and getting it installed safely. For example at Heron Quay we were working 3 metres below road level and without any direct vehicle access – there were a few tense moments as the 220m x 10 m heavy duty curtain and it’s securing weights were winched into place by crane!”

Tapping into our extensive knowledge on improving water quality in all wetland areas, we have also been able to get involved with environmental projects at Canary Wharf, such as nesting platforms for birds and natural water filters such as floating reed beds. This has been particularly interesting and striking to see in action alongside the highly engineered glass and steel landscape that neighbours the water.

Teaming silt curtains with natural solutions to improving water quality is our passion, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your any aspect of your project. We are here to help.



Glyn Onione, Senior Technical Consultant at Aquatic Engineering

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