Goose Fencing

Each year millions of reeds are planted in the UK, however a good percentage of them will be so seriously compromised by wildfowl predation that they’ll never reach maturity/establish. Aquatic Consultancy is working with a number of agencies providing solutions to this serious issue.

Wildfowl grazing or predation is undertaken by a whole range of species some have more serious consequences than others – moorhens, coots, ducks, swans, geese, primarily Canada geese however greylags are becoming an increasing culprit and probably the most difficult to control, the ‘new kid on the block ‘ – Egyptian geese.

AquaticConsultancy offer unique and highly effective solutions to ongoing goose & wildfowl damage experienced on reedbeds throughout the UK.

By providing both floating and static systems, depending on the situation and species of wildfowl on site, AquaticConsultancy can provide the solution – contact us and our consultants will be pleased to advise you

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