Floating Islands

AquaticEngineering design Floating Islands capable of supporting small trees and large shrubs.

As the country’s leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of Living Filter Systems & Floating Reed Beds, AquaticEngineering has harnessed the skills and experience of its consultants and engineers to design a sustainable floating island system which combines all the benefits of these other floating systems but has increased potential for large scale environmental & restoration projects.

In addition the company can create any size of floating pontoon island system for corporate events, weddings or exhibitions – if you have a venue with water we can create an economical stable floating island for you

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Algae Control Systems

Bulk Barley Straw Dispensers, Dyes, Phoslock & Bio-manipulation etc.


Bringing life back into degraded and biodiverse poor waters

Commercial Diving

We provide the plant, personnel and materials to offer a professional, single source solution to clients.

Floating Islands

Floating Islands capable of supporting trees & shrubs or substantial wildlife habitat

Floating Reed Rafts

Floating Reedrafts, Floating Reedbeds, Living Filter Systems

Nesting Rafts

Tern Nesting Rafts, Great Crested Grebe Rafts, Swan Nesting Platforms etc

Pontoons for Sale and Hire

Steel Pontoons to lightweight Modular and Inflatable Systems