Ecological Services

If you believe that  people, nature and economic development can co-exist; that the balance between development and preservation  in people’s lives, communities and futures matters; if you are expected to do more with less money and resources; are drowning in wildlife legislation; have deadlines looming and are harassed by ‘Interest Groups,’ – yours is a life of stress and difficult decisions. 

 If you believe that ecology, in the right hands, is a stunning open space, an effective flood protection scheme, a healthy place to work and live or a safe environment for our children to play, we share your belief. We take a collaborative approach, to design and manage places where nature meets cutting–edge design, to provide better outcomes.

 So, who do you turn to for experience, perspective, understanding – and results? We have working partnerships with the most experienced ecological consultants and contractors in the UK. 

 Our partners don’t offer ecology advice as an adjunct to other activities – ecology is all they think about, it’s what we do together.  We’re all leaders in our field and combine innovation and ecological excellence with practical know-how and understanding. 

 So, if partnership with experience, expertise, efficiency, creative thinking and belief appeals, then we should be talking. It’s clear we share the same values. Why not contact us to find out how we can help. 

Product & Technical Information

Attenborough SSSI
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Salt Marsh Restoration
Eynsford Mill Sluice
Royal Parks – Lakes
Bioengineering Projects
Wetlands & Reedbeds
Grundon Quarry
Water Body – Wildlife
Aquatic Food Chain
Dry Meadow Plants
Damp Meadow Plants
Native Bulbs
Generic Aquatic Planting
Abberton Reservoir

Our Services


Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets, Coir Matting & Geotextiles


Comprehensive Range of Aquatic Consultancy


Complete Lake and Pond Dredging Service

Ecological Services

Providing ecologically sensitive solutions that harness natural processes.

Fishery Management

Fishery Management
Goose Fencing

Temporary and Floating Goose Fences & Goose Predation Services

Lakes & Ponds

Lake & Pond Design, Construction, Planting, Maintenance and Repair

Reedbeds & SUDS

Reedbeds, Constructed Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat & SUDS