The in-house contracting arm of AquaticEngineering has many years’ experience in both dredging and silt pumping, using a wide range of conventional and floating long reach excavators & pumps.

Specialising in retaining and remediating silts on site using a number of innovations unique to AquaticEngineering we, are not only able to provide a sustainable solution, but also often at surprisingly competitive prices.

Advantages of onsite silt remediation

  • Cost effective & low maintenance
  • No transport or landfill costs
  • A truly sustainable aesthetically pleasing option
  • Strong bias towards minimal carbon impact
  • Fewer H&S issues in public places
  • Increased potential for reedbed creation
  • Newly established reedbeds and margins improve water quality
  • Improved biodiversity through selective aquatic planting

Product & Technical Information

Abberton Reservoir
Eynsford Mill Sluice
Royal Parks – Lakes

Our Services


Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets, Coir Matting & Geotextiles


Complete Range of Aquatic Consultancy


Complete Lake and Pond Dredging Service

Ecological Services

Providing ecologically sensitive solutions that harness natural processes.

Fishery Management

Fishery Management
Goose Fencing

Temporary and Floating Goose Fences & Goose Predation Services

Lakes & Ponds

Lake & Pond Design, Construction, Planting, Maintenance and Repair

Reedbeds & SUDS

Reed beds, Constructed Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat & SUDS