With over 30yrs in the field AquaticEngineering’s consultants are well placed to assist clients to focus on the aesthetic and ecological advantages that can be equally achieved in urban developments and infrastructures as with rural ones.

AquaticEngineering welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients to affect the repair and healing of past impacts to our landscape and ecosystems, proving that development and restoration can coexist whilst also providing the foundation for communities to enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Contact AquaticEngineering for ecologically sensitive solutions that harness natural processes which are the key to managing long-term impacts and costs, relying on self-repair and adaptation, rather than often expensive external maintenance regimes.

Product & Technical Information

Attenborough SSSI
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Salt Marsh Restoration
Eynsford Mill Sluice
Royal Parks – Lakes
Bioengineering Projects
Wetlands & Reedbeds
Grundon Quarry
Water Body – Wildlife
Aquatic Food Chain
Dry Meadow Plants
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Native Bulbs
Generic Aquatic Planting
Abberton Reservoir

Our Services


Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets, Coir Matting & Geotextiles


Complete Range of Aquatic Consultancy


Complete Lake and Pond Dredging Service

Ecological Services

Providing ecologically sensitive solutions that harness natural processes.

Fishery Management

Fishery Management
Goose Fencing

Temporary and Floating Goose Fences & Goose Predation Services

Lakes & Ponds

Lake & Pond Design, Construction, Planting, Maintenance and Repair

Reedbeds & SUDS

Reedbeds, Constructed Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat & SUDS