Commercial Diving

AquaticResponse divers are highly skilled and motivated and are ready to deploy at short notice. We use the latest diving and transportation equipment, with a comprehensive pool of specialist air diving equipment and subsea tool packages maintained to the highest standards; all of which can be readily provided for most projects, from a containerized decompression chamber to lightweight air-freight dive systems, all having been designed to ensure compliance with all statutory UK HSE diving at work regulations.

We provide the plant, personnel and materials to offer a professional, single source solution to clients, whilst minimising cost by detailed project planning. With our focus on safety and quality, many clients have used our services to complete projects safely, on time and within budget.

We operate as both main contractors and as specialist sub-contractors and would be pleased to discuss or tender for any water based projects including though not limited to:

  • Sub-surface drilling, cutting, burning, welding and breaking
  • Inspection, testing and surveying
  • Cardox rock, concrete breaking and blasting system
  • Maintenance, construction and demolition
  • Support vessels, boats and barges
  • Grouting and concreting, breakout and replacement
  • Support for environmental surveys
  • ROV’s underwater surveys and inspections on all types of structures
  • Thickness NDT
  • Tank and ship surveys
  • Interpretive reporting of any survey or inspection undertaken

Work Areas: although we work on any type of structure in and around water, most of our experience is as follows:

  • Docks, ports, harbours and marinas
  • Marine, river, canal and reservoir projects
  • Bridges, piers and jetties
  • Navigational marks, buoys and beacons
  • Bank stabilisation and shore & scour protection
  • Outfalls & intakes; culverts & tunnels
  • Repairs in concrete, stone, steel or timber
  • Pontoon supply and installation

Product & Technical Information

Torry Quay Project
Abberton Installation Dive
Falmouth Moonpool
Ivy lake Dive
Farmoor Dive
River Avon Dive
River Stour Dive
River Trent Dive

Our Services

Algae Control Systems

Bulk Barley Straw Dispensers, Dyes, Phoslock & Bio-manipulation etc.


Bringing life back into degraded and biodiverse poor waters

Commercial Diving

We provide the plant, personnel and materials to offer a professional, single source solution to clients.

Floating Islands

Floating Islands capable of supporting trees & shrubs or substantial wildlife habitat

Floating Islands

Floating Reedrafts, Floating Reed beds, Living Filter Systems

Nesting Rafts

Tern Nesting Rafts, Great Crested Grebe Rafts, Swan Nesting Platforms etc

Pontoons for Sale and Hire

Steel Pontoons to lightweight Modular and Inflatable Systems