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We try to keep you updated on all of the goings on here at Aquatic Engineering along with the industry. Be it Silt Curtains or the work we are currently doing. An important note, we do not sell or divulge any data.

Silt Curtain Projects carried out by Aquatic Engineering

Experts in Biological Barriers

From Strathclyde Park to Banff in Canada!
They say from tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow – little did we think how true that would be when we answered a call from a large civil engineering company in March 2013.  They were looking for some temporary Silt Curtains for use in Strathclyde Loch during the construction […]

Bespoke Aquatic Barrier Silt Curtain System

Always ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….
Aquatic Engineering were approached over the Bank Holiday to supply an emergency Silt Curtain to Turkmenistan for deployment in The Caspian Sea around a Desalination Plant.
As can be seen in the image above, major civil engineering work is being undertaken about 100m further up the beach […]

What Are Silt Curtains Made Of?

Glyn’s Q&As
Hi, Glyn Onione the Senior Technical Consultant for Aquatic Engineering in the UK here again to answer another great question we are often asked.  Which is – What Are Silt Curtains Made Of?
I’m often asked here at Aquatic Engineering as the Senior Technical Consultant: what are silt curtains made of and how are they […]

Silt Curtains – Do They Really Work?

Glyn’s Q&As
Hi, Glyn Onione the Senior Technical Consultant for Aquatic Engineering in the UK here again to answer another great question we are often asked.  Which is – Silt Curtains – Do They Really Work?
You only need to type the question into your favourite search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo – ‘Silt Curtains do […]

What’s the difference between Silt Curtains and Turbidity Barriers?

Glyn’s Q&As
Hi I’m Glyn Onione the Senior Technical Consultant for Aquatic Engineering in the UK.
I’m often asked by contractors what is the difference between a turbidity curtain, a silt curtain, a silt screen or a floating silt fence (and a lot of other variations)? Well the honest answer is absolutely nothing – they are all […]

Our 20th Silt Curtain at London Docklands

Proud milestone for us with 20th installation at London Docklands

Construction work in London Docklands has continued apace since its eye catching edifices first hit the capital’s skyline in the late 1980s, but their scale and grandeur belie some of the challenges of building on a series of extremely small, water logged sites linked by […]

The Bottom Line on our Deepest Silt Curtain…

Challenges and solutions galore with our 30 m deep silt curtain, delivered to Turkey for silt containment during the construction of a new oil refinery…

This year has undoubtedly been interesting – and challenging for Aquatic Engineering! We completed our longest ever silt curtain of 1.2 km, which was sent out to Turkmenistan. This was then […]

Antiguan Turtles give way to silt curtain design for tidal River Wear crossing…..

Gated silt curtain for Sunderland River Wear crossing…

On holiday in Antigua in 2014 I was privileged to rescue about 30 newly hatched turtles from marauding frigate birds. The turtles had hatched on the beach the night before but had been swept back inshore due to unseasonal strong winds and rough seas. The following morning calm […]

The Longest And Deepest Silt Curtains we Have Ever Produced……

2014 – 2015 Was Sent To Challenge Us, starting with a 1.2 km silt curtain for Turkmenistan…

It’s been an interesting year here at Aquatic Engineering. We undertook both our longest individual silt curtain design and fabrication, and also our deepest. Both of these were abroad and each presented considerable challenges in their execution!

Back in 2014 […]

Whitesands, East Lothian

Aquatic Engineering have been working closely with Lafarge Tarmac and RSPB Scotland to build a Tern nesting raft as part of the regenerating project at Whitesands Quarry, east of Dunbar.
We provided the nesting raft (which is just one of the products we build, supply and maintain) which measured 16m2 and covered in gravel.  The Junior […]