Biomanipulation & Fish Curtains

Biomanipulation can assist in balancing multi-recreational usage of water bodies with improved biodiversity & environmental enhancement, it is an established methodology used to control or reverse the degradation of recreational/utility lakes and reservoirs.

Urban & recreational lakes can provide the public with many different leisure pursuits: fishing, boating, swimming, feeding wildfowl, ornithology or just relaxing in a pleasing environment. By accommodating these many functions, aquatic ecosystems often come under unsustainable pressure resulting in:

  • Poor water quality, algae blooms, high turbidity, smells etc.,
  • Excessive wildfowl populations, particularly Canada Geese
  • Sudden fish mortalities
  • Lack of invertebrates & amphibians
  • Poor plant diversity or denuded banks

AquaticEngineering has pioneered the use of semi-permanent floating barriers to achieve some spectacular results for a number of major agencies’ and water authorities. Contact us for an unbiased appraisal of your water to see if it is a suitable candidate for Biomanipulation.

Product & Technical Information

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Biomanipulation & Fish Curtains

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