AquaticConsultancy provides value, soft and bioengineered solutions that are cost effective, reliable and ecologically sound.

Over many years the consultants and contractors of AquaticEngineering have supplied and installed soft engineering solutions for all types of aquatic erosion and management problems using its in house contracting team and highly experienced associates.

For a complete consultancy, design, construction and maintenance service covering all types of aquatic environments including rivers,  canals, lakes, ponds, tidal channels, estuaries and salt-marsh’s.

AquaticEngineering and its associates continue to pioneer the use of sustainable materials in their projects. For a solution which sympathetically & seamlessly blends with the local environment whilst providing significant enhancement to the local bio-diversity and at a cost less expensive to construct than traditional hard engineered methods… contact us first.

Product & Technical Information

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Our Services


Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets, Coir Matting & Geotextiles


Complete Range of Aquatic Consultancy


Complete Lake and Pond Dredging Service

Ecological Services

Providing ecologically sensitive solutions that harness natural processes.

Fishery Management

Fishery Management
Goose Fencing

Temporary and Floating Goose Fences & Goose Predation Services

Lakes & Ponds

Lake & Pond Design, Construction, Planting, Maintenance and Repair

Reedbeds & SUDS

Reedbeds, Constructed Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat & SUDS