Aquatic Consultancy

The company’s principal consultants, engineers, ecologists and experienced operatives have worked in aquatic environments for many years, providing clients with bespoke solutions in the areas of dredging & silt pumping; reedbed technology, phytoremediation systems & SUDS; lake & pond design, construction, as well as fishery management; value & bioengineering and goose management.

Our Services

Bioengineering Installations

Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets, Coir Matting & Geotextiles


Comprehensive Range of Aquatic Consultancy


Complete Lake and Pond Dredging Service

Ecological Services

Providing ecologically sensitive solutions that harness natural processes.

Fishery Management

Fishery Management
Goose Fencing

Temporary and Floating Goose Fences & Goose Predation Services

Lakes & Ponds

Lake & Pond Design, Construction, Planting, Maintenance and Repair

Reed beds & SUDS

Reedbeds, Constructed Wetlands, Wildlife Habitat & SUDS