Oil & Chemical Booms

                                  AquaticEngineering’s oil and chemical booms are completely hydrophobic…

They are simply the most effective absorbent booms available anywhere.

Oil Boom on grass verge installed by Aquatic Engineering

They work the first and every time, completely encapsulating the spill with absolutely no leaching.

Along with hydrocarbons our booms effectively absorb   pesticides, herbicides and metals in suspension…   all are encapsulated within our absorbent booms.


Product & Technical Information

oil & debris booms
Ivy Lake Biomanipulation
Caen Hill Biomanipulation

Other Curtains

Oil & Chemical Booms

Integral absorbent Booms in full depth curtains or shallow surface Booms – we make them all

Silt & Algae Deflectors, Environmental Protection & Biological Barriers

Surface or full depth deflectors for algae & silt. Environmental & biological barriers – we design, build and install.

Biomanipulation & Fish Curtains

Curtains to effectively partition off large waters to improve biodiversity and water quality, we design, build and install.