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We try to keep you updated on all of the goings on here at Aquatic Engineering along with the industry. Be it Silt Curtains or the work we are currently doing. An important note, we do not sell or divulge any data.
1712, 2015

The Longest And Deepest Silt Curtains we Have Ever Produced……

2014 – 2015 Was Sent To Challenge Us, starting with a 1.2 km silt curtain for Turkmenistan…

It’s been an interesting year here at Aquatic Engineering. We undertook both our longest individual silt curtain design and fabrication, and also our deepest. Both of these were abroad and each presented considerable challenges in their execution!

Back in 2014 […]

2503, 2015

Whitesands, East Lothian

Aquatic Engineering have been working closely with Lafarge Tarmac and RSPB Scotland to build a Tern nesting raft as part of the regenerating project at Whitesands Quarry, east of Dunbar.
We provided the nesting raft (which is just one of the products we build, supply and maintain) which measured 16m2 and covered in gravel.  The Junior […]